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Debra Duncan
   Supervisor of Assessments
   Debra S. Duncan

Debra started in the Supervisor of Assessments Office as Deputy in 1974. In December of 1981 she was appointed to Supervisor of Assessments. She is also the Board of Review Clerk,GIS Coordinator and Zoning Officer.
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Stark County Courthouse


The public is always welcome to visit the Stark County Supervisor of Assessments Office weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,or to call us at (309) 286-7172, in order to take advantage of the many services our office has to offer.

Our office is reponsible for determining the market value of properties in the county for the purpose of taxation. There are approximately 6,000 parcels in Stark County. We can answer questions regarding assessments, sales of property, property ownership, building permits, zoning,GIS or Aerial mapping.

The office maintains a listing of all property owners and their addresses and make changes to the listing whenever a deed is recorded in the County Recorder's Office. The Real Estate Transfer Declarations that are recorded in the Recorder's Office are the primary source of sales data, which is used in determining the market value of properties in Stark County.

Property Tax Exemptions are also maintained within the Assessment Office. Applications for all exemptions are available in our office. We provide assistance in filling out these forms if needed.


Property Tax Exemptions Available

Genneral Homestead Exemption
(commonly called "Owner Occupied")

Senior Homestead Exemption
(age 65 and over)

Senior Freeze Homestead Exemption
(age 65 and over, income under $55,000)

Home Inprovement Exemption
(exempts increase in value due to improvements of a residence for 4 years. (Examples: garage, deck, addition,etc.)

Disabled Persons Exemption
(requires state-certification proof of disability)

Disabled Veteran's Exemption
(requires cerification of disability)

Returning Veteran's Exemption
(one time exemption for returning veterans)

All exemptions require an annual renewal, except the General Homestead Exemption.

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