Attention Stark County registered voters: Per Illinois state statute, Election Officials are required to conduct a purge every 2 years to help maintain the accuracy of the voter registration rolls. This purge keeps voter registration accurate because it allows the removal of voters who are ineligible because they have moved, died, or for other reasons. The County Clerk’s Office has mailed new voter registration cards to every registered voter in Stark County. Once you receive your new voter registration card, please review the printed information for accuracy. If no errors are detected, you need to do nothing further the card is yours to keep.  If you are registered and do not receive a card or if you notice a discrepancy, please call the office at 286-5911.  

Probation Department

Contact Information
Probation Office
PO Box 610
Toulon, IL 61483-0610
Primary Department Phone:   (309) 286-7181
Secondary Department Phone Number:   (309) 238-1531
Office Hours:
By appointment only
Additional Contacts
Office Fax Number

Stark County Probation is partnered with Marshall and Putnam County Probation. Court ordered services covered include adult and juvenile sentences to terms of Probation, Court Supervision and Conditional Discharge. The Probation department works with their clients to achieve successful completion of a term of supervision along with any court-ordered conditions.



Allison Leezer, Probation Officer