911 Addressing

How to get a 911 address in Stark County

Your 911 Address helps emergency responders find your home or business. In order to get your 911 address please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the 911 address request form required for your area. The form is generally available on our website... www.starkcountyillinois.com as a printable form or at the local office that handles the applications. (Stark County Assessment and Zoning office-130 W Main St. Toulon)
  2. Your driveway must be marked to receive your address. Please mark your driveway with a stake and white flag or cloth. (This way, I know where your driveway is actually at). I will try to get to your address just as soon as I have this form back.


Who assigns my address?

Stark County Assessor and Zoning Office have been designated as the addressing authority for Stark County except in the villages of LaFayette, Bradford and the City of Toulon and Town of Wyoming.  911 will assist all of these with their addressing.


Why do I need a 911 address?

In order to properly locate where a 911 call originates a structure must have an address. If you do not have a correct address it would be very difficult to locate your residence or business in an emergency.


Where should I post my 911 address?

Your address should be posted at your driveway, visible from both directions of travel. It is preferable that the numbers be at least 3 inches tall and reflective to ensure they are visible at night and emergency services can see them. This saves time locating your home in the event of an emergency.


How is the address assigned?

In order for Stark County to assign a new address, I must come to your location. Even numbers are assigned to one side of the road, odd numbers to the other. The mapping computer that I use helps assign this address based on location.